Nibbly selects YOU X to help launch their New Grocery Delivery Brand.

Nibbly selects YOU X to help launch their New Grocery Delivery Brand.

In the early days of COVID-19 disrupting our everyday lives, our attention turned to essential services and needs for those who needed it most. It became evident that all delivery services were a critical part of the solution to help ensure that goods, services and most importantly - food was accessible and available to all.

In March, Food security was top of mind for Ali Asaria (Founder of Tulip Retail) when he and his brother Jamil were noting the struggles that people they loved had in getting food delivered when they needed it. Within a short period of time, the two brothers mobilized a team to address a local, same day delivery solution. Nibbly was born.

Ali & Jamil had partnered with Painbox Catering and brought a swat team over from Tulip to work on the Nibbly infrastructure/platform. All they needed to really accelerate towards their goal was design partner to help establish a Brand and support with some of the most critical web pages to ensure that the user experience would be exceptional from day one.

Having recently collaborated on the redesign of - Ali & YOU X Founder Jason Goodman had stayed connected. When the time came for this ambitious design task, YOU X jumped at the opportunity. The two parties aligned on an aggressive brand & design sprint to be able to launch the company in June.


At the time of this post, Nibbly is actively delivering to Toronto during a BETA testing phase (see regions below) and is still in the process of implementing the design of the new website for their public launch. The fact that the collaboration went so smoothly & successfully within such a tight timeline is a testament to an incredibly positive cultural tone that was established early on between both companies. Each one respected the perspective and expertise of the other and we collaborated exceptionally well over Zoom & Slack during regular intervals to ensure that we were staying on course, on time and most importantly: on mission!

Delivery Locations in the GTA

It's been one of YOU X's greatest honours during our 4 year journey to support Ali, Jamil and Chris on this amazing, timely and spirited venture.  

Jason Goodman
Jason Goodman
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