In September of 2019, Tulip Retail was looking ahead to the NRF Conference in New York in January 2020. The National Retail Federation is a marquee event that convenes the retail industry early in the year to discuss and showcase innovation and engage with key customers. Tulip Retail has secured some amazing Tier 1 clients, but it was clear to all that their website wasn't an accurate reflection of their product and company today. With an agressive timeline and mandate in place, You X was selected to help Tulip align on a strategy to design and launch a high impact website that would help address their business goals.

Our Approach

You X got to work quickly, aligning on key OKR's with Ali Asaria (CEO) and other key executives before starting to align on a brand guide that would define our approach to UI, Photography and Copy for the website. We went through a series of design sprints and landed on a design that everyone felt excited about.

We then organized a photo shoot (space, talent, etc.) to ensure that our photography would align with the high end look & feel we'd aligned on. Once wireframes were approach and UI design began, our development team rapidly began coding the pages and working with Tulips Development team to plan for our launch.

The Result

Tulip had one of their most successful showings at NRF and got an incredible response from the Retail community at large. With this new website completed, Tulip was able to empower their sales and marketing division to reach their targets.