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Design Practice

At You X, we work closely with our clients to complete a needs assessment in terms of their professional development training needs in UX, Design and Collaboration to help advance internal capacity and knowledge sharing.

UX Training
Design Ops
Design Thinking


Training Sessions

We are passionate about the intersection of Design, Education and culture. Our founder, Jason Goodman, has a Masters Degree in Education, has taught design in various capacities through OCAD University, and have led workshops with Institutional, Corporate and Business clients alike.

We offer half day training sessions to cover the following three core topics:

  • UX Fundamentals Training
  • Design Thinking & Prototyping
  • Design Ops & Collaboration

How It Works

  • We schedule a meeting to review and solidify the team learning objectives.
  • We work closely with the leadership team to help contextualize learning through active, real world project examples.
  • We develop and deliver an inspiring day of learning and collaboration.
  • We share a detailed recommendation to outline the opportunities to build further capacity surrounding the topics explored.

We've supported over 60 companies in 4 years.

Reach out to request a case study of a company you see below.