Grow Your Business
Through Design

We work closely with all of our clients as an extension of their team. Together, we align on how to help the business advance and grow through a combination of strategic & tactical design projects.

Strategic Workshops

Through our collective experience of working on hundreds of design projects, we've learned that the way you start a project is a good indication of how it will finish.

We've refined a series of three workshops to help align teams on objectives for their product, business and the customer experiences they're looking to create.

Our Three Workshops:

  • Executive OKR's
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Roadmap

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UX Audit

For companies that are exploring a redesign of their existing software, or have already developed a first version or prototype of their product, the UX Audit is a highly valuable deliverable. Our audits provide a thorough analysis of the challenges and opportunities within your existing product and conclude with strategic recommendations.

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Product Design Sprints

Many of our clients are acutely aware of the improvements their product needs and they're looking for a strategic design partner to tackle these professionally and efficiently. You X is known for our ability to rapidly onboard to our clients product challenges and efficiently solve problems. After aligning on the new direction, our product designers shift gears to focus on creating usable and beautiful UI to make our clients products shine.

Our sprints include:

  • UX Sprint
  • UI Sprint
  • Research Sprint
  • Prototyping Sprint

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Research & Testing

User Research and Testing is a cornerstone of any successful design process and yet - it's too often excluded as a core activity/focus. We have a suite of modern research offerings that are designed to help challenge core assumptions, better understand audience behaviour and validate market readiness.

The service options provides:

  • User Surveys & Questionnaires
  • Remote and Hands-on User Testing
  • Secondary Research Reports
  • Primary Research Testing and Reports
  • Medical software Compliance Testing

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Web Design

If you need a new website to reflect where you are as a company, increase conversion or attract investor interest - we've got you covered. Our team can design a custom site for you end to end or, work with existing platforms like Shopify and WiX for as required.

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Brand & Content

So much of the design work we do is predicated on or influenced by the core brand identity and content in place. Our team has refined a smart and efficient process to go from Foundational brand principles to a practical style guide. In addition, our creative team can help extend your brand by creating compelling and high quality content. Our services in this domain include:

  • Logo Design
  • Style & Brand Guides
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Podcasting

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Training & Culture

You X Provides brings a unique set of expertise in supporting design education, training and workplace culture development. Our Founder, Jason Goodman brings a multidisciplinary background in Education, Psychology and Design led to the creation of specialized offerings to help empower team and spark cultures around creativity and collaboration.

Our training services cover:

  • UX Fundamentals
  • Design Thinking & Prototyping
  • Design Ops & Team Collaboration

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