In October of 2019, Prospect engaged with You X as a strategic partner to help advance their mission to support the Canadian Tech Ecosystem become a Global leader in the Future of Work. Backed by the BDC, Prospect had some near term goals that needed to be addressed. The first was to deliver a benchmark report on the State of Tech Talent in Canada.

Our Approach

In order to successfully address this goal, we first needed to revisit and redesign Prospects Brand to align with its mission and set some design standard for the report and future web initiatives. With our design system in place, we collaborated closely with Prospect to ensure the report would set the stage for future quarterly reports. The system's use came into play early on as we mobililized to launch The Help List as initiative mid-stride.

Project Status

During the redesign process, our efforts took a dramatic turn with the arrival of COVID-19 and the wave of disruption that was felt immediately within the tech sector all across Canada. Prospect worked tirelessly to combine relevant COVID data to integrate into the report and we adjusted together to ensure these new sections were implemented within our timeline. To date, the report has been downloaded over 1000 times by governments, corporations, founders and HR leaders across Canada to inform and educate them as they work to develop their responses & strategies for the year ahead.