When thinking about introducing new concepts into any industry, the largest opportunity for immediate adoption lies in simplicity. Improving an existing, labor-intensive process in a way that does not immensely distrupt a teams current work flow is a key success factor. Improving a relatively simple process that scales over time can have an incredibly high impact, vs. something that poses complete operational disruption. Leveraging blockchain technology in this way has proven to be a solid entry point into modernizing some of our largest business sectors.

Our Approach

Empathizing with the user has been key to understanding what simplicity really means in this case. Only designing the functionality that is absolutely crucial to the user accomplishing the task was the theme of this project. As designers, our minds often run wild with ideas for how we can design something that supports our users on their journey.

When in reality, the foundation of user experience calls for making a complex task light weight and intuitively stress-free, with as little distraction as possible. Ultimately, this became our foundational practice throughout the engagement and allowed us and our client to remain confident that we were effective through our simplicity.

The Result

Lane is working to launch their updated Enterprise Solution with well known & established commercial real-estate clients like Brookfield, Dream, Colliers and Menkes.