Lane Enterprise App

Lane serves as the central hub for every building service and amenity, automate analog processes, integrate with existing system and provide the most relevant content around building news, events and notices to every tenant.

The Opportunity

Having been accepted into Colliers PropTech Accelerator at TechStars, Lane was eager to seize the opportunity at hand to build on their existing product market penetration and growth by improving the integrity and design of their product that supports Property Management & Communications.

Our Approach

There was a high expectation around speed for this particular design challenge, so we aligned early and often through our series of key foundational workshops – Executive, Experience & Requirements Workshops. We also completed an UX Audit sprint with recommendation around both immediate and long term opportunities for improvements. Post alignment, we were able to run design sprints that lead to a development driven Design System for their engineering team.

Project Status

Lane is working to launch their updated Enterprise Solution with well known & established commercial real-estate clients like Brookfield, Dream, Colliers and Menkes.