Homecare Hub

Based on the 2016 Census from Statistics Canada, seniors (age 65+) now outnumber children. While the aging population has increased, the way that homecare services are managed and delivered hasn’t evolved beyond many of the traditional processes. Those caring for the seniors they love are not empowered with tech driven solutions or innovative approaches, however, the homecare space is beginning to see innovative thinking, products and solutions of late. HomeCare Hub is one such startup company.

The Opportunity

HomeCare Hub’s founding team recognized that there were a few basic paint points within the Homecare system that they felt were addressable through technology driven solutions. They examined all the stakeholders surround the senior that’s being cared for including Homecare agencies, the family, the personal support workers - all through the lens of the Canadian healthcare systems processes for to access care. Homecare Hub connected with us after having worked

through their product requirements and developed low fidelity wireframes for the solution. While they had a strong sense of their needs, they recognized that there were a ton of UX challenges related to the experience of a loved one going through the process of booking care, educating themselves on the process, costs and options. In addition, the company saw an opportunity to develop some innovative new approaches to reduce costs.

Dr. Vipan Nikore, HomeCare Hub Cofounder, was a recipient of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2018

Our Approach

Working with Founders like Dr. Vipan Nikore was a humbling experience for our team. It’s rare to be collaborating on the development of a product with a founder with such deep expertise in the domain. There was a high degree of collaboration throughout the design process to ensure that our designs were reflective and appreciative of all the nuances specific to the individual booking the care, the homecare agency and healthcare system itself.

We created personas that not only represented the family members and the agencies, but also a persona for Homecare Hub themselves so that we could establish strong frameworks to think through the administrative side of the platform. Following an intensive design process, we delivered an advanced beta product design for their development team to execute against, including a style guide that included the design of their logo.

Project Status

Homecare Hub is currently in the development stages and is positions for a 2019/2020 launch. While the product advances steadily, Dr. Nikore’s continues to operate many different roles within the healthcare system including roles with Trillium Health Partners as a Service Medical Director, Department of Medicine, Chief Medical Director of TD Bank where he is focused on the health and wellness of its 80,000 employees, teaching Leadership and Emotional Intelligence at the University of Toronto while still practicing as a physician at Cleveland Clinic in Toronto and Cleveland.