Drawbridge Consulting

Data protection and the measures we take to ensure its integrity has become a critical business consideration. However, navigating the laws and meeting the regulations and requirements can be no easy task. Working with Drawbridge to position themselves as a practical privacy consultant has become control over decisions made about data, not complete secrecy. We ask the right questions. We understand the importance of good governance and criteria-based decision-making about personal information. We know that strong practical organizational privacy practices reduce risk. We enable access to data using privacy best practices for both private and public sector clients, from IT implementations that help your company’s efficiency to research and innovation technologies that improve health outcomes.

The Opportunity

Samara Starkman's reputation within the data privacy sector was growing and she recognized the need to advance her efforts beyond the work that only she could perform. She began to build a more formalized practice and with that, she needed a brand identity that reflected the integrity what she's achieved at this key point in her career. Samara worked with You X to develop a new brand identity for her practice and anchor her core offerings in an freshly designed web presence.

Our Approach

Together, we guided Samara through our branding process, beginning with competitive analysis and moodboarding. Once aligned on the areas of opportunity to advance the brand, the look & feel we were going for and some core principles, to guide us - we designed a few different direction for us to examine further.

In the end, the "D" was the centerpiece we designed around and we worked with different form factors to reference the notion of Data mobility and security. To keep the personal touch that her clients had come to expect, we staged and delivered a photo shoot to anchor the homepage of the new website.

The Result

Drawbridge Consulting's new brand has help to advance Samara's mission as a respected and trustworthly leader in the data privacy sector - speficially in the context of Healthcare related initiatives with clients like Telus, CAMH and The University Health Network.