Ana Health

Ana Health came to You X with a mission to advance woman's health through the development of a smart, responsive and personalized AI driven period/ovulation tracking application. The Ana Health team brought a strong background in medicine and fertility and has architected a potential solution. They needed a product partner who could translate their requirements into a smart, user friendly experience that wouldn't overwhelm. In order to provide reliable recommendations for woman, the app would need to collect a ton of data and therein lied the core design challenge - to make the experience simple and integrated into behavioural routines for frequent usage.

Our Approach

In the initial stages of the project, we collaborated with the founding team frequently to validate the expected experience and solidify the product requirements for the first release of the product. After completing the information architecture and initial wireframes, we recognized the need for a visual language to achor the design efforts ahead and shifted gears to refining the brand, tone and manner for the product.

Following the completion of that update and stamping the wireframes for production , we built a robust backend to accomodate all the diagnostic modules while building out the frontend and UI for the app in its entirety.

The Result

With a BETA version of the app in hand, Ana Health has begun user testing efforts and exploring different funding & business models to be able to bring this product to market.